Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anticipating Greatness

So here's the mess I'm dealing with this morning....

The Hulk

I'm super excited about the new printer (especially since my old one was, well,  oooolllld and is very close to going to printer Heaven.)

Old Printer

But it seems like it takes so long to install new hardware! Right?! I printed on the old one until the cartridges were out and I had lost my patience with pulling out jammed papers and shipping labels. I can't print another shipping label until I get this guy installed!!

The new printer, aka the Hulk, is awesome. I think! We got a fantastic deal (thanks Staples!) on it and I'm anticipating greatness (according the the Canon rep!), like dual paper trays, printing from my iPhone, wireless printing, double sided printing, etc.

Here's a funny...when I bought this at Staples last week, the Canon rep happened to be there so we (my boys and I) got special attention and descriptions of each and every printer that I was interested in. When we finally decided on this one, the rep whips out a camera from her pocket and asked if she could take our picture with the new printer. Ummm, sure?

So if you see me representing on the Canon website, just know it wasn't my idea! lol!

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